Grout Repair & Colour Sealing

If you want your tiled project to look as good as new again, then here is your answer.


Universeal Grout Rescue "Colour & Seal" is a great way to restore and renew your wall and floor grout to a better than new condition, it is available in 8 colours that will re-new or change your grout colour.
Grout Rescue "Colour & Seal" will restore even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This unique product will permanently colour and seal your wall or floor grout leaving it looking better than new and stain resistant.

Universeal Grout Rescue "Colour & Seal" is an unique product that can permanently colour seal and rejuvenate existing grout joints, whilst making ongoing cleaning and maintenance more simple.


Suitable for use on sanded floor grout, unsanded wall and epoxy grout joints, it is effective for both interior and exterior applications.

Here is an example of Universeal Grout Rescue "Colour & Seal" permanently changing the floor grout from Grey to White.


Here is a section of the floor where the white colour sealer has started to be applied.


Above you can see the finished result, perfect white floor grout which unlike untreated floor grout is totally resistant to liquid staining.


Universeal Grout Rescue "Colour & Seal" is suitable for all commercial and domestic situations. If you have a business with a floor that you want to restore to a new condition or a kitchen floor at home that needs some care and attention then why not contact us for a free no obligation quote.


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